“Something that stood out for me was supporting that young lad after he had his tirade at the camp, and making amends, and patching things up, saying he was sorry.  Being in recovery myself I could relate to him feeling ashamed, but we were there not to put him down or to criticize him, but to support him.  To tell him a little bit about what we had been through, to uplift him, not to knock him down furtherer.  Because it’s a hard thing to be addicted to a substance and not know how to get out of it.  Its like a closed wall and you don’t know which way to go, sometimes it’s another addict or alchoholic that can help that person.”- Richard Vendiola

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  1. Duarte

    In the process of European colonization of the Americas that lasted over three centuries, Spain was the ONLY colonial power to pass laws for the protection of native Americans (aboriginals). As early as 1512, the Laws of Burgos regulated the behavior of Europeans in the New World forbidding the ill-treatment of indigenous people.

    Unfortunately, the English (U.K., Britain, England or whatever they call themselves) along with their proxy Portugal, or France, U.S.A., and Holland NEVER gave ANY aboriginals legal rights and turned them into slaves wherever they set foot. The rest where murdered and disappeared off the face of the earth via true genocide (too many examples to list but one that comes to mind is the U.S.A. General Nelson A. Miles who in 1890 massacred over 200 Sioux men, women and children) and the very few that “magically” remained were put in Indian Reservations where they are marginalized, alcoholized, and pretty much Ignored!

    Moreover, Spain was the ONLY European power that actually mixed and married with the aboriginal communities. They were called Crioles and Meztizos which in Spanish means “mixed”. On the other hand, the English, Portuguese, Americans, Holland etc. NEVER married or mixed with the local aboriginal populations!

    By now you are probably asking yourselves, “Gee, we were taught in School that the Spanish Black Leyend killed all the Indians!”. Sadly, you were taught that in the Anglosphere but the Facts state the exact OPPOSITE! The Black Leyend was created by Spain’s enemies (England, Portugal, U.S.A., France and Holland) to steal Spain’s possessions all over the Globe, kill all the aboriginal populations and then blame Spain for all that!

    With all these FACTS in mind it’s no small wonder that in Canada the Harper government,and all the ones before his, simply IGNORE the aboriginal population with the REGRET of not having killed them all. What i find puzzling is HOW in Canada there are Animal Abuse hotlines to protect cats & dogs from harm yet the Canadian government IGNORES 100% the 1000’s of murdered and missing aboriginal women! Cats & dogs are given more rights that aboriginal people, it’s a FACT!

    I wish i had a solution as to HOW to combat this and aid the aboriginal population but the only advice i could give is TELL your story to the World! Tell them about HOW the Black Leyend was “Made Up” to blame Spain for aboriginal atrocities when in Fact it was the opposite that happened! TELL them how Canada gives dogs & cats more Rights than aboriginals! TELL the world how the English spin-masters weave a dceptive web of lies & deceit since the beginning of English settlement in Canada. DONT be scared to TELL THE TRUTH about the English liars.