“Jam sessions almost every night!  If I could end most nights singing with a bunch of people it would be a pretty good life”-Glenda



“Journey is important for the culture, but mostly for muscle, for the paddling.”- Aron Edgar, Ditidaht


Evan, Derrick, & Joey


“I had a good time paddling with my bro’s”-Evan

“Ya… It’s a healing experience.  Like he said.” -Derrick

“A memory that stands out to me… is of one girl.”-Joey





“The Journey continues to strengthen coastal culture and the intertribal exchange. That’s something that was highly valued throughout all the coastal tribes. If you heard those guys talk about it that first night, ya know, they spoke highly of how important it was for them to actually work their way into coming here. I liked what they had to say about praying so they would be open to the creators will for them. That it would create an opportunity for them to fulfill his will.”-Harvey



man with cedar hat at canoe journey

“We need to build our cultural infrastructure and take pride in where we come from. I have never been met with more generosity and hospitality than on the journey. I am here to honor sacred traditions and show love and respect to our planet and to the people that have walked long before I. Circles. Lots and lots of circles. Rest in Peace David “Rock” Hudson Jr. Thank you to Howeeshata and the Hudson family and to Hoh River, Quileute, and Quinault.”-Andrew

Qatuwas Paddle to Bella Bella 2014

Marion & Tom from La-Push


“Journey is important to help the young people find their way to a better life.” -Tom Jackson, Quileute

“My favorite part of  The Journey was Dodds Narrows, that was awesome, I was in the back and I could literally kiss the water. We were pretty jacked up on that for a couple days. The whole journey is  just healing for me.”-Marion Jackson , Quileute

Qatuwas Paddle to Bella Bella 2014